What is HTML? (HTML is NOT a Programming Language)

What is HTML?

HTML stands for “Hypertext Markup Language.” HTML provides the basic structure of a website and is used to build web pages.

It tells the web browser how content should be displayed on a web page such as which parts of the page should be embedded with videos or images or which parts of the page are paragraphs, titles, headings, links, data tables, etc.

Is HTML a programming language?

It’s important to know that HTML is a markup language, NOT a programming language.

What is HTML used for? 

HTML is the standard markup language for creating web pages and is mostly used by web developers.

How are HTML tags written?

HTML tags are written using angle brackets that begin with the less than (<) sign and end with greater than sign (>). To build any web page you’ll need these four tags: <html>, <title>, <head> and <body>.

HTML tags have two parts, an opening tag, which is defined as <html> and the closing tag, defined as </html>. As you can see the only difference between these tags is the forward-slash (/)in front of the “HTML” in the closing tag.

What is the difference between HTML and CSS? 

HTML provides the basic structure tells the browser how content should be displayed on a web page and CSS controls the presentation of a web page.

CSS sets the “style” and customizes the “look” in HTML web pages such as background color and fonts. So it’s easy to remember, CSS is added to HTML to “style” your website and make it look beautiful.

What is the best way to learn HTML? 

If you’re looking for the best way to learn HTML there are many HTML tutorials for beginners online.

You should also consider taking courses to learn HTML, CSS and JavaScript because these are the foundation of web development and they complement each other.

We found many inexpensive and good quality web development courses on Udemy. com. If you are interested in learning more about CSS or Javascript please check out our other blog posts on “What is CSS” and “What is JavaScript.”


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