Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler – Free Pinterest Marketing Tool

Wondering how to use Pinterest for marketing? The Tailwind Pinterest scheduler is a great Pinterest marketing strategy. The Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler is a free Pinterest marketing tool that can save you time by scheduling Pinterest pins on the best dates and times to give you maximum exposure, engagement & sales.

As you may already know, Pinterest is a very popular social networking platform that allows you to easily share photos with others, however, many people never utilize Pinterest’s full potential for marketing.

If you’re not marketing on Pinterest then you’re missing out. As of this post, Pinterest has over 250 million active users and its documented that 93% of Pinners use the site to plan future purchases.

Pinterest and Tailwind can be a powerful addition to your marketing strategy but only if you use it right. Before we give you the secret sauce to help you boost your Pinterest marketing reach and traffic, let’s review some of the main benefits of using Tailwind with Pinterest:

  • Automate and schedule your Pinterest pins to engage your audience at the best time.
  • Multi-board pinning, bulk image upload, hashtag lists, and the easy to use drag and drop calendar.
  • Monitor your Pinterest followers, boards, likes, re-pins, and brand mentions
  • Track results and see which content is the most effective for your Pinterest audience.
  • Maximize your audience engagement, shares, traffic and sales. 

It’s time to reveal the two words that can help you take your Pinterest marketing to the next level…Tailwind tribes. Okay so, what is Tailwind Tribes? Tailwind Tribes are private groups of content creators who support each other by sharing each other’s pins on Pinterest.

Tailwind tribes usually only allow others to join if they have similar content to share and pin. For example, if you’re boards are all about marketing tips then you should look to join a tribe with pins about marketing. By sharing each other’s pins you can maximize engagement, shares, traffic, and followers.

The reality is that most people don’t have time to sit in front of their computer and post to Pinterest all day. We have jobs, kids and other important things going on in our lives. Not to mention, how are we supposed to memorize the best times to post for every single social media platform?

Also, are you really going to be able to post to your social media accounts when you’re at work or on the road? And even if we do have some free time to post, most of us are not disciplined enough to consistently post at the best times, when it truly counts.

Scheduling specific dates and times to pin in advanced, gives you confidence that you’re reaching your target audience. Tailwind analytics can suggests best posting times, hashtags and more. You no longer have to set up annoying reminders on your Google Calendar or your smartphone to tell you when to post because it’s already done.

You also have the ability to bulk schedule across many boards and see data analytics. With Tailwind’s Pin Inspector, you can go back and look at data on a per-pin basis to see what’s working and what’s not, so you can focus on rescheduling pins that have the best engagement.

Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler for Pinterest marketing, what’s the pricing, plans, and features? 

Tailwind offers 3 plans: The Plus, Professional and Enterprise plan.

Plus is best for bloggers and small businesses – ($9.99/month for one account, then $15 for each additional account for the annual plan). This plan also has the option of monthly billing for $15/month.

Professional is ideal for medium-sized businesses – ($799.99/month for unlimited accounts)

Enterprise is designed for larger businesses and organizations – (All plans are billed annually but you will need to inquire for pricing)

Tailwind Pinterest Scheduler for Pinterest, how often should you post? At the minimum, you should be pinning at least 3 times a day and up to 30 being the most. For maximum engagement, shares, and traffic, it’s highly recommended that you post 11 pins per day.

Can you commit to consistently posting throughout the day and at the best times? That’s a good question, and even if we can, wouldn’t your time be more useful in other aspects of your blog or business? There’s no doubt that Tailwind helps you work smarter and not harder. Tailwind is definitely the secret weapon for Pinterest marketing that not too many people are aware of. Tailwind can take your Pinterest marketing game to the next level, but which plan is best for you?

is best for bloggers and small businesses that are just starting out on Pinterest.

Pro is ideal for medium-sized businesses with a clear understanding of visual marketing.

Enterprise is designed for larger businesses and organizations looking to invest massively in visual marketing.

Luckily, Tailwind App offers a free trial so you can test it out and see what works best for you!

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